Mix of Taï & Djouroutou experiences

 A 8-day experience,
ideal to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the region

Nature, culture and… adventure !
To discover the two ecotourism sites of Taï National Park

*  This offer is only available in the dry season (from November to April), unless you feel like taking a moto-cab between Taï and Djouroutou (only option at that time because of the bad road conditions)

DAY 1 : Taï town
Arrival to Taï at the afternoon.
Dinner and night at liberty
Transport at your own charge
Dinner at liberty
Accommodation at liberty

DAY 2 : Ecomuseum & Taï National Park
After breakfast,you visit the ecomuseum in Taï, which displays information of the exceptional flora and fauna of the region, the museum also gives details about 40 years of chimpanzee research in this region. Then, after 2h30 of walking through the forest, you reach the camp, before heading to the ethnobotanic circuit with the ecoguides, who show you the wonders of one of the last primary tropical rainforests in West Africa.
Transport : by 4×4 car from the hotel to the park entrance
Meals : breakfast at liberty at Tai town – lunch and dinner at the camp
Accommodation : forest camp

DAY 3 : Tai National Park
Observations of sooty mangabeys (in the morning) and red colobus monkeys (in the afternoon) in their natural habitat are offered, with the details and knowledge of our ecoguides.
Last night at the camp.
Meals : at the camp
Accommodation : forest camp

DAY 4: Departure of the park & stay at the Gouléako 1 village
After your breakfast in the forest camp, you walk out of the park in the morning.
You eat lunch in Gouléako 1 village, which is 10 minutes away from Taï by car.
In late afternoon, you have the chance to enjoy an authentic traditional evening with dances, tales, games.
You sleep in a well-equipped traditional hut in the village.

Transport: by 4×4 car from the park entrance to Gouléako 1 village
Meals: breakfast in the camp – Lunch and dinner in Gouléako 1 village
Accommodation: traditional huts in Gouléako 1 village

* The authentic traditional evening is available for 2 persons minimum

DAY 5 : Djouroutou village
After your breakfast, you visit Gouléako 1 village to discover the Oubi culture through the history of the village (it is possible to enjoy a traditional dugout stroll on the Cavally river, only in dry season). Last lunch at Gouléako 1, before departure to Djouroutou village. Arrival in late afternoon at Touraco Ecotel, located at the edge of Tai National Park. Dinner on the terrace-restaurant of the Ecotel, then a peaceful evening to enjoy the tranquility of the place and the nice forest view from the terrace.
Transport: at your own responsability
Meals: breakfast and lunch in Gouléako 1 – dinner at Ecotel

Accommodation: Touraco Ecotel

DAY 6 : Hike at the heart of Taï National Park
Breakfast at Ecotel then park entrance. You walk around 2h to reach the chimpanzee camp. In the afternoon, you will hike to the Mount Niénokoué summit (the sacred mountain of Patokola people) to get a wonderful view over the canopy.
Meals: breakfast at Ecotel, lunch and dinner at the chimpanzee camp
Accommodation: chimpanzee camp

DAY 7 : Habituated chimpanzees observation
After waking-up at dawn, you walk half an hour to reach the place where chimpanzees slept the day before. Back to the camp, then way out of the park. The rest of the day, you can relax at the Ecotel. Last evening in Djouroutou.
Meals: breakfast at chimpanzee camp, lunch and dinner at Ecotel
Accommodation: Touraco Ecotel

DAY 8 : Departure from Djouroutou
After a breakfast on the terrace of the Ecotel, departure from Djouroutou.

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