The tropical forest can sometimes be really different depending of the time of the year you decide to go. That is why, we can find below the advantages of both two main seasons of Ivory Coast.

The dry season (November – April)

It is the most pleasant season to visit Taï National Park, since there is no much rain at this period. The vegetation is abundant at the beginning of the season, allowing a great observation of the fauna, such as the chimpanzees and others apes.
From december to the end of january, you find a dry wind and colder temperatures during the night and early mornings.
At the end of the dry season, foods is starting to rarefy, compelling the chimpanzees to split in several little groups to facilitate the food search (fruits, plants, grains…).

The wet season (May – October)

It is the season where the rain is more regular and intense. The fauna observation is more difficult during the rainy days, because the animals stay still and quiet, making theirs observation more difficult.
The non-rainy days are at contrary ideals to observe the tropical flora (more abundant at that time of the year) and the animals. From September to December, the chimpanzees are hunting. So you might be able to observe their incredible hunting technique, involving dominant males, at this period.