Useful infos

Tai National Park access

How to access Taï National Park ? You can access Taï National Park by car or public transportation. Following are the details of the drive according to your city of departure. You are leaving from Abidjan : By car It takes…

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Perfect outfit for the forest ?

How to get ready for the forest ? Are you planning a trip to the tropical forest of the Taï National Park ? We can help you pack your bag with the important items. Outfit for the forest: We are advising…

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Comment bien se comporter en forêt, Parc National de Taï

Behaviour in the forest

Behaviour to adopt in the Taï National Park: Let’s ensure the sustainability of the wildlife and the forest ecosystem. Our vision of ecotourism is based on a scientific approach. We are asking you to follow the few rules listed below :…

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The tropical forest can sometimes be really different depending of the time of the year you decide to go. That is why, we can find below the advantages of both two main seasons of Ivory Coast. The dry season (November…

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