Cultural immersion at Gouleako

The country counts sixty ethnic groups, offering a rich cultural mosaic to discover.
Taï Nature & Culture wanted to highlight and make accessible the Ivorian culture, through an immersion in the heart of a traditional Oubi village. At Gouléako Trois Cailloux, you will have the opportunity to sleep in real traditional huts, comfortably furnished and managed by a group of women. You could also enjoy a pirogue ride on the Cavally River or browse the plantations and the surrounding bush with an ethnobotanical enthusiast. At the end of the day, an authentic traditional evening will introduce you to ritual dances and leave you with a memorable memory.

Village tour

After a lunch in the village, Mr. Sio takes you on a 1h30 hike depending on the weather to the sacred river of Gouléako, explaining you the medicinal plants used in the region. With great enthusiasm, you will learn about local customs and the use of plants adjacent to the village. According to the weather or the desire of its visitors, Mr Sio adapts and also proposes a tour of the village, with history and humor.

Traditional evening

The traditional evening is only available from 2 people. The men and women of the village are traditionally made up and dressed. At the sound of the tams-tams, local games and dances mix for the happiness of the visitors, but also of the inhabitants. It’s feast day in the village and they will be proud to show you their customs. Telling you more about this traditional evening would spoil the magic of the moment …

Night in traditional huts

To end this real immersion in the heart of African traditions, opt for a night in the heart of the village. The traditional huts welcome you for a comfortable evening, in the natural freshness of its traditionally built houses.

Bonus : The village receives 100% of the price you would pay !